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Premiere: Bedouin ‘Flamma’

Bedouin return to Crosstown Rebels with the ‘Wastelands’ EP. ‘Flamma’ is a classic Burning Man deep jam, full of deep, desert groove…

Bedouin will release their ‘Wastelands’ EP on Crosstown Rebels next Friday 9th November.

The duo, known for their dusty, melancholic brand of minimal deep house, return to the label for their second outing in 12 months on this two-track release that feels tailor made for the deserts of Burning Man.

“‘Wastelands’ is a special one for us that carries a message about the journey of humanity,” say the duo of the release.“‘Flamma’, was made with the dance floor in mind using live percussive elements with a Hurdy-gurdy lead played by Guilhem Desq who flew from Toulouse to London to record last winter.”

You can listen to the lush, percussive ‘Flamma’ below.

Pre-order ‘Wastelands’ here