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Premiere: BFTT ‘Ofusc’

Leeds’ BFTT debuts on Mr. Mitch’s Gobstopper Records with the ‘Versioning’ EP. Hear the syncopated sizzler ‘Ofusc’ now

BFTT will makes his Gobstopper Records debut on 7th August with the ‘Versioning’ EP. 

The Leeds DJ/producer, whose previous releases have appeared on labels like Whities and Cong Burn, delivers another three cuts of beautifully designed, rhythmic techno in perfect keeping with the dancehall-invoking styles Mr.Mitch's label has become known for. 

The EP’s title is in reference to the Mutualism affiliate and Leftovers label co-founder’s long process of assembling the tracks. “Each has existed in many different iterations,” he explains in a press release. “With changes being made based on hearing them in different contexts such as in mixes or in the club, and having new ideas from those occasions.”

Below, you can hear EP closer ‘Ofusc’, a syncopated and sizzling cut of lush percussion, breezy bass rushes and melodic chimes. Real nourishing stuff. 

Pre-order ‘Visioning’ here

While you're at it, check out BFTT's recent remixes of Britney Spears' 'Slave 4 U' and Charli XCX's 'Focus' – because you deserve it.