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Premiere: Bjarki ‘Hellfire’

Bjarki will release a split EP via his bbbbbb sub-label, Hellcat Industries, later this month, with Poland's underground mainstay, VTSS. Listen to Bjarki's hardcore-infused techno anthem, ‘Hellfire’, here

Bjarki will release a split EP, ‘Chanting From A Tiny Book’, via his Hellcat Industries imprint, later this month.

Slated for release on the 6th March, the A-side features two tracks from Hellcat Industries affiliate, VTSS, and a B-side comprised of Bjarki’s ‘Hellfire’ and ‘Safety Savage’. The Icelandic DJ and producer's release on his bbbbbb sub-label follows the first VA compilation from the imprint in 2019, which featured VTSS, alongside Cadency, Kuldabli, and Tekknótæfan.

On ‘Hellfire’, Bjarki produces a powerful techno anthem infused with cutting-edge hardcore elements. The distorted vocals repeating the phrase “I am the god of hellfire and I bring you fire” run through the almost six-minute track, cutting through the track's distinct melody and experimental elements.

Pre-order the EP via Hellfire Industries' bandcamp here, and listen to 'Hellfire' below.

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