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Premiere: Bubas Produçoes ‘Padjinha Part 3’

Next up on Tash LC’s Club Yeke label is Lisbon’s  Bubas Produçoes with the ‘MEGA’ EP. Hear the irresistibly buoyant kuduro cut, ‘Padjinha Part 3’ now

Bubas Produçoes will release a new EP, ‘MEGA’, on Tash LC’s Club Yeke next month.

Set for release on 5th June, the five-track release finds the Lisbon-based DJ and producer drawing inspiration from the city’s Kuduro innovators, such as DJ Maboku, Lilocox and Lycox, to create an EP of radiant syncopated percussion and vibrant club energy. 

‘Padjinha Part 3’ is buoyant and subtly complex, with sharp organic drums and the energy of a motorbike revving up to take off. Check it out below.

Pre-order ‘MEGA’ here.  

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