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Premiere: Cameo Blush '§§§§§'

London-based producer Cameo Blush will release his second EP this year via Ross From Friends' Scarlet Tiger imprint. Listen to the distorted vocal sample and metallic textures on '§§§§§' now

Cameo Blush will release a new EP later this week.

London-based producer Cameo Blush, who released his 'In Cadence' EP via Unknown Untitled earlier this year, will join Ross From Friends' freshly-minted Scarlet Tiger imprint with three-track EP, 'Lucky', later this week.

'Lucky' is a mind-melting trip through abstract electronics and effects, with the producer using distorted vocals and drawn-out synths to create skewed dancefloor moments.

On EP track '§§§§§', an unintelligible vocal sample weaves through a frenzy whipped from skittered percussion, metallic textures and moody pads.

Listen to '§§§§§' below, and pre-order the EP ahead of its release on 21st May here