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Premiere: C.C.S.M ‘Paudie Bob’

Emerging Irish cassette label Moot Tapes readies a split EP from C.C.S.M and Static. Hear C.C.S.M’s burnt and bassy Drexciya-leaning cut ‘Paudie Bob’ now...

Nascent Irish cassette label Moot Tapes will release its second EP this Wednesday 21st November.

Launched by prolific DJ/producer Peter Lawlor AKA Replete (One half of Solkatt), the label debuted in October with, ‘Lifting’, an ambient split EP from himself and Neil Quigley.  

The label’s second outing, ‘Rubbing’, is another split; this time from Cork’s Sunday Times party founder John Hennessy AKA Static and Dublin duo C.C.S.M (Bong Gozling. Kev Gleeson). Over its nine tracks the EP veers from Drexciyan electro, beatless synth cuts and and field recordings, all moulding together to make a rounded, compelling 45-minutes or so.

C.C.S.M’s ‘Paudie Bob’ is one of the EP’s more club-ready cuts, boasting a scorched, unpolished electro atmosphere tailor-made for the dancefloor. Check it out below.

Pre-order 'Rubbing' here.