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Premiere: Cloudsteppers ‘The Limit’

Cloudsteppers, the collaborative project of Ciel and Dan Only, serve up sharp, melodic jungle, techno and garage on ‘The Limit’ EP. Hear the Brian Cox sampling title track now

Cloudsteppers, the collaborative project of Toronto’s Ciel and Dan Only, will release their debut EP via Londons’ X-Kalay in July. 

The project originated after a jam session in Dan Only’s NDG 208 studio in 2019, and  the EP’s first two cuts came together quickly. After those tracks went down so well during pre-pandemic tour shows, the pair decided to get together again when restrictions loosened in during the summer of 2020, completing their four-track EP, 'The Limit', which flits excitedly from razor-sharp jungle into cosmic techno and warped, techy garage. 

With a keen focus on percussion, the release still retains both producers’ penchant for glittery melodies at points, taking tough rhythms to dizzy heights on centre cuts 'Slinky Bork' and 'Diva Loops'.

The EP’s opening title track is a frenetic flurry of breaks and pulsing kicks: pure jungle-techno goodness with a psyched-up sample of physicist Brian Cox to boot. Check it out below. 

‘The Limit’ will be released digitally on 8th June, and on vinyl on 8th July. You can pre-order it here