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Premiere: Coco Bryce ‘Velocity Of Love’

Coco Bryce returns to Lobster Theremin with four cuts of lush, loved-up breakbeats. Hear ‘Velocity Of Love’ now

Coco Bryce will release a new EP, ‘Wuthering Heights’, via Lobster Theremin this week. 

Following last year’s ‘Deep Into The Jungle’ EP for the label, the Dutch producer demonstrates his knack for lush, loved-up sounds that still pack a hefty punch. Across these four tracks, he runs through vintage jungle, turbo-charged 160 rhythms and drifty, electro-tinged goodness, while hanging onto hazy atmospheres and bright melodies.

Coco Bryce is no stranger to running romantic melodies and samples around his rowdy rhythms; last year’s self-release ‘Valentines Selection’ featured 30 tracks that did just that. This EP’s ‘Velocity Of Love’ is a triumphant jungle-techno cut that decorates its high-speed pulse with a wide-eyed melodic sparkle that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Mario Kart course. Check it out below. 

‘Wuthering Heights’ will be released this Friday (17th December). Pre-order it here