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Premiere: D.Dan ‘OOOO’

Kyiv club ∄'s label, Standard Deviation, returns with a split 12” from D.Dan and Omon Breaker. Hear the taut techno-trance of D.Dan ‘OOOOO’ now

Standard Deviation, the in-house label of Kyiv club ∄, continues its vinyl series this month with a new split EP from Berlin-based Mala Junta resident D.Dan and Ukraine’s Omon Breaker. 

Taking in four tracks of full-throttle techno, trance and EBM fusionism, this is a release tailor-made for the depth of the dancefloor. Omon Breaker’s ‘Misconduct’ and ‘After Coma’ are boisterous industrial belters, while D.Dan’s ‘Post Kyiv’ and ‘OOOO’ take a more delicate approach, while still packing a punch. Nimble techno grooves push forward, while taut trance melodies are pinned against robust kicks. When the synth lines loosen up, and give way to brief bursts of euphoria, these tracks are nothing short of ecstatic. Hear ‘OOOO’ below. 

‘Standard Deviation 007’ will be released on 20th October. Pre-order it here