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Premiere: Djoser 'Goose'

Washington-based producer, Djoser, lands on Martyn's 3024 imprint with a four-track release, 'Secret Greeting'. Listen to abrasive percussion and smooth chords melt together on EP closer, 'Goose', now

Djoser will release a new EP in August.

Egyptian-born, Washington DC-based producer, Djoser, returns to Martyn's 3024 for his first four-track EP, full of "bass heavy electronic hybrids for the body and the soul".

The artist, who featured alongside label boss Martyn and Jacques Greene on a 3024 VA comp last year, released the first track from the forthcoming 'Secrets' EP via Bandcamp, with 'Alumen' dipping in and out of hard percussion and bubbling breakbeat.

On the EP closer, 'Goose', rough and smooth come together, with abrasive percussion and soft, muted pads blending together in a swirling cocoon of sound.

Listen to 'Goose' below and pre-order Djoser's EP, which is out on 1st August, here.

Photo Credit: Serena Ardizzoia