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Premiere: DMX Krew ‘Drum Machine Pt.2’

The ever-prolific and ever-fantastic DMX Krew returns to Hypercolour with the ‘Glad To Be Sad’ LP. Hear the technicolor electro jam, ‘Drum Machine Pt.2’ now…

DMX Krew will release his new album ‘Glad To Be Sad’ this Friday 1st March.

The prolific UK producer – real name Edward Upton – returns to Hypercolour with his 19th (19th!!) LP and, unsurprisingly, it’s another varied and vibrant collection from an artist whose been honing his craft for well over two decades now.

Veering from downtempo melodic turns to colourfully warped electro and techno, the 12-track album boasts an irresistibly technicolor vintage sci-fi atmosphere that will do more than enthrall fans of fellow UK stalwarts Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and Autechre.

‘Drum Machine Pt.2’ captures the album’s mood perfectly, with gritty, arpeggiated chimes bouncing around on top of lush synth swells and an even-tempered electro beat. Check it out below.