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Premiere: E-Saggila 'Alia ft. Thoom'

Toronto's E-Saggila captures a chaotic blend of hardcore, industrial techno, noise and ambient electronics on new album, ‘My World My Way’. Listen to the harrowing ‘Alia', featuring Thoom, now

Opal Tapes affiliate E-Saggila will release her new album, 'My World My Way, via Varg and  Anthony Linell's Northern Electronics label next month.

The experimental six-track release, incoming on the 2nd August, is the follow up to the artist’s 2018 LP on Bank Records NYC, ‘Dedicated to Sublimity’, and comes ahead of her debut at Berlin Atonal festival later this year. 

Boasting a broad assortment of influences, from gabber and hardcore to harsh noise and ambience, ‘My World My Way’ is a conceptual blend of sound constructed from E-Saggila's live works. Ambient sensibilities pave the way for intense, chaotic elements throughout the tracks, ensuring the release carries an abstract narrative throughout.

'Alia' sees E-Sagglia team up with Chicago-based artist Thoom, whose previous work has been released on labels like Oakland's Club Chai. The collaborative effort is a free-fall descent through surging percussion, industrial atmospherics and distressing, fierce vocals, creating an aura of doom and desperation that intensifies without restraint.

'My World, My Way' will be available via Northern Electronics. Listen to 'Alia', featuring Thoom, below.