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Premiere: Eilien ‘SMS’

Helsinki’s Eilien debuts on Genot Centre with an album of “self-coded synthetic sounds and timeless pop-music”. Check out the dizzying synths of ‘SMS’, and its accompanying visuals, now 

Helsinki artist Eilien will release their new album, ‘Digital Lovers’, via Prague label Genot Centre in May. 

Made mostly using SuperCollider, a text-based audio coding platform, Eilien has built an emotionally-charged album that fuses synthetic sound design with organic recordings and altered vocals. “The thematic sphere floats between digital and organic,” they say. “Synthetic walls of sound are mirrored with the meditations of the ‘natural’ world, in the shape of field recordings, acoustic instruments and my voice. Love is searching [for] its place in this spectre of digital and organic reality: excitement of future love, grief over fading love, love’s force for creation, and transformative power of love.”

The result is a 10-track trip through glowing ambience, mesmerising dream pop, musique concrète and deconstructed trance. Below, you can hear the album’s most euphoric cut, ‘SMS’, which appears toward the finish in a flurry of dizzying synths that bring to mind the beatless dancefloor dreamstate of Barker’s ‘Debiasing’ and ‘Utility’. 

‘SMS’ is accompanied by some strobing, hypnotic visuals too, directed by Joonas Vohlakari and starring Eilien. Check it out below. 

'Digital Lovers' will be released on 9th May. You can pre-order it here