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Premiere: FaltyDL ‘If All The People Took Acid (Octo Octa's loop me to Infinity mix)’

FaltyDL readies the next EP on his own Blueberry Records. Hear Octo Octa's superb and suitably haywire remix of the title track now...

This Friday 25th January FaltyDL will release the second EP from his own recently launched Blueberry Records.

‘If All The People Took Acid’ find the New York house and garage manipulator – real name Andrew Lustman – on flying form, dishing up three seismic cuts of razor sharp percussion and rusty melodic bass hooks. The EP takes its title from a sample used in the lead track, where a person’s voice lifted from a ‘60s documentary is heard describing their experience taking acid, and how it affected their brain.

The mighty Octo Octa steps up on remix duty for the title track, ramping the acid to the next level with her (...loop me to Infinity mix). You can hear it in all its distorted and blissfully psychedelic glory below.

Pre-order ‘If All The People Took Acid’ here