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Premiere: Fio Fa ‘Fantasm’

Holly Lester launches her new label, Duality Trax, with an EP from Fio Fa. Hear the shimmering, classic rave inspired ‘Fantasm’ now

Belfast DJ Holly Lester will launch her new label, Duality Trax, next month with an EP from Dublin’s Fio Fa, 'Rescue Squad'.

With three brand new original cuts, the Pear label/party co-founder draws from the same classic, progressive house style that informed his recent EP, ‘You Think’, on newly minted Berlin label, Radiant Love here. The title track boasts a quick, touch rhythm, which props up its glimmering keys and rave sirens. ‘Transcending Into Nonsense’ is a downtempo affair, with a moody atmosphere provided by a crisp marimba passage, dusty beat and smoky vocal sample, all of which Naive boss Violet flips into something far more upbeat and frenzied in her delightfully noise-drenched remix. 

‘Fantasm’ is bouncy and hypnotic, with its shimmering chimes fluttering vocal chops, but gets an added bite from the ‘90s rave nods in its repeated hoover sounds and piano stabs. Check it out below. 

'Rescue Squad' is out on 6th March. Pre-order it here

"Encouraging inclusivity, togetherness and collaboration, Duality Trax seeks to draw inspiration from the contrasting energies that exist within all of us," an official press release for the label reads. "In keeping with the label’s ethos of balance, each release aims to consistently feature artists from all genders."

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