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Premiere: Garies ‘My Ear’

New Jackson and Lumigraph team up on Major Problems for their debut LP as Garies. ‘My Ear’ is an analog burst of burnt out electro with a trippy, atmospheric breakdown...

Two of the most distinct talents in Irish electronic music have teamed up on one of its standout labels. Banding together to form Garies, New Jackson and Lumigraph will release the ‘Dull Clunk’ LP on Major Problems this Friday 5th October and it’s every bit as as intoxicating and Technicolor as one could expect from such a pairing.

Taking the murky, distorted experimentation that has coursed through Lumigraph’s releases on labels like Opal Tapes, and the lush, analog songcraft of New Jackson’s catalog on labels like All City and Permanent Vacation, Garies tumbles delightfully into the middle. Despite coarse MPC-lead backdrops, the tracks that comprise ‘Dull Clunk’ retain a sense of warmth and welcoming strangeness over the course of its runtime. With moments that hark to the trippy IDM of Boards of Canada (‘Dick & Nancy’) and more that would flourish in a club setting (‘Crash Course’, ‘Modified By This’), it’s a versatile collection that wears its rough, live sound beautifully.

‘My Ear’ balances the dancefloor grit with TV static ambience brilliantly with its eerie robotic vocal chops, burnt-out electro groove and wavey synths. You can hear it below.

Pre-order ‘Dull Clunk’ from Major Problems here.