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Premiere: Goodnight ‘Howl’

Siblings Daniel and Darrell de Lara, aka Goodnight, sculpt cinematic new wave with a techno pulse on their ‘Tangent’ EP for GASS. Hear the “bloghouse spirit” of ‘Howl’ now

Goodnight, the sibling duo of Daniel and Darrell de Lara, will release a new EP, ‘Tangent’, via London label GASS this month. 

The duo, whose cinematic productions alchemise the sounds of new wave, dream pop and shoegaze, deliver four new cuts (and one additional VIP mix) for Mamiko Motto and Eric Hu’s label, drifting from hazy deep house to crumbly downtempo with a consistent soft-focus.

Two tracks on the release were originally created as part of the soundtrack to the feature film, The Five Rules of Success, directed by Orson Oblowitz. One of those tracks, ‘Howl’, which is described by Oblowitz as an “anthem of entropy and chaos”, can be heard below. 

“'Howl' was born out of the Bloghaus spirit but with a modern focus and intent,” says Daniel de Lara. “It is a nod to some of the music I would post on my blog and the lo-fi mp3s that would echo through the internet and clubs.”

‘Tangent’ will be released on 29th October. You can pre-order it here

Photo credit: Orson Oblowitz