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Premiere: Graintable ‘Vision Quest’

Portland producer Graintable returns to Ransom Note Records with new album, ‘Universal Ash’. Listen to the poignant and atmospheric ambience of ‘Vision Quest’ now…

Graintable follows up 2018’s ‘Herons’ LP with a 10-track ebb through drone and ambience, ‘Universal Ash’.

Scattered with found sounds, the expertly composed collection invites the listener on an odyssey of emotion and texture. The album, incoming via Ransom Note Records, utilises absorbing arpeggios, sublime synths and tape loop manipulation for a mind-bending exploration of “loss, rebirth, ephemerality and truth.”

‘Vision Quest’ slowly drifts into focus along a river of stirring pads and emotive chord progressions. It’s a solemn, six-minute meander through thought-provoking textures that maintain an air of hope, thanks to Graintable’s ability to shine a delicate, sonic light through the darkness.

'Universal Ash' is available 12th July on Ransom Note Records on digital and limited edition casette. Listen to 'Vision Quest' below and pre-order the album here.