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Premiere: Hadone ‘Hiding My Machine’

Niki Istrefi, Hadone and Anetha team up on Mama Told Ya for a frenzied EP, 'Body Changes Are Natural'. Hear Hadone’s agile, Aphex Twin-invoking ‘Hiding My Machine’ now

The next release on Anetha’s Mama Told Ya label finds the Paris-based DJ and producer teaming up with Niki Istrefi and Hadone for an immense collaborative effort. 

Marking the second release on the label, 'Body changes are natural' comprises a solo track each from Danish producer Niki Istrefi and France’s Hadone, as well as a collaboration with Anetha from each artist. 

The EP spans high-speed techno, shadowy trance and Aphex Twin-invoking electronics, with Hadone’s ‘Hiding My Machine’ being a fine example of the latter. Febrile glitchy rhythms and gentle synths give way to a hefty kick and squelching bass making for a dizzying, satisfying closer for the release. Check it out below. 

Pre-order 'Body changes are natural' here.