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Premiere: Isomov ‘HOPiNG MECHANiSMS’

New-york based artist Isomov uses complex sonics to explore the virtual world and infinite realities on their latest project, ‘In Theory’. Hear the erratic bass and meticulously scattered kicks on ‘HOPiNG MECHANiSMS’ now

Isomov will release a five-track EP next month.

Slated for release on Friday the 13th September, 'In Theory' will be released via DECISIONS, the label founded by Air Max ’97, Jikuroux and SCAM.

Previously featuring on Barcelona's xenonyms label, New York-based artist Isomov shares that the project began as a way to further explore the perspective of the Automatic Computer, from Asimov’s science fiction story ‘The Last Question’.

'In Theory' is awash with experimental electronics and absorbing atmospherics, exploring everything from low-end territories to warped, choir vocal cuts. Emotive and inquisitve, DECISIONS write that the EP oscillates "fervently between the human and non-human, offering riches for both cerebral listening and large soundsystem bodywork".

'HOPiNG MECHANiSMS’ shifts into focus through a series of scattered kicks, before twisted, metallic bass takes over and the track spirals through a chaotic wormhole of jagged drums and breaks.

Listen to 'HOPiNG MECHANiSMS' below and pre-order the EP here.