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Premiere: Jennifer Walton ‘SCAPE’

Newcastle-based DJ and producer Jennifer Walton creates a driving, dense reality on her new album, ‘WHITE NURSE’. Listen to the warped atmospherics of ‘SCAPE’ now

Jennifer Walton will join Mutualism's label this month with her new album, ‘WHITE NURSE’.

The seven track album follows recent projects from Walton including a remix for DJ Girl in 2018 and a contribution a compiulation EP by Manchester queer collective boygirl at the start of this year.

Walton creates a dark and dense atmosphere throughout ‘WHITE NURSE’, weaving in and out of the shadows with unrelenting noise on tracks like EP opener ‘CARRY’, before easing up with soft and gloomy electronic ambience on tracks like ‘SCALE’ and ‘OVERFLOW’. Each track name is inspired by a chapter from The Xenofeminist Manifesto, a “pocket colour manifesto for a new futuristic feminism”.

On ‘SCAPE’, Walton especially showcases her love for power electronics. Her production style is warped, chaotic and wickedly sharp, echoing the sentiments of futuristic feminism on a journey through industrial noise.

‘WHITE NURSE’ will be released on the 23rd July via Mutualism. Pre-order here and check out ‘SCAPE’ below.