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Premiere: Jex Opolis ‘Desolation (Vocal Mix)’

Jex Opolis steps up on Dekmantel with the ‘Earth Boy’ EP. ‘Desolation’ is a triumphant Italo anthem with an unabashedly heartfelt vocal...

Brooklyn via Edmonton DJ/producer Jex Opolis will debut on Dekmantel’s label this month with an EP that feels tailor made to the hallowed festival.

The three-track release, ‘Earth Boy’, comprises the sort of melodic dazzlers the beloved Amsterdam event has become intrinsically linked with, with a keen sense of ‘80s synth pop, electro, disco and italo heat coursing through its runtime.

The title track channels early ‘80s electro with an irresistibly colourful arpeggiated lead that rests in the brain long after it’s over, like a mercifully less gratuitous Bicep tune. ‘Desolation’ – which comes with both a dub and vocal mix – is a peak-time Italo ode with a driving bass groove and swirling synth bed that lends its unabashedly heartfelt vocal all the emotional heft of The Human League or Soft Cell’s finest moments.

Don’t take our word for it though. Listen to vocal mix of ‘Desolation’ below and try not to find yourself dancing around the room too much.

‘Earth Boy’ is out on 17th May. Pre-order it here.