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Premiere: JoeFarr ‘Secret Trance Lover’

JoeFarr’s ‘Surface Tension’ pulls no punches across four tracks of slamming techno. Hear the aptly titled ‘Secret Trance Lover’ now

UK techno producer JoeFarr returns in June with his first EP of the year, ‘Surface Tension’.

He describes the four track release as one that’s “meant to be heard in a club but probably won’t be”, but we’d be inclined to disagree. JoeFarr pulls no punches across these storming techno tracks, flexing his knack for producing the biggest of big-room rhythms, without ever sacrificing their technical class. Once clubs re-open, these four tracks should be in the arsenals of many a DJ heading back into the wild.

Below, you can hear the aptly titled ‘Secret Trance Lover’, an absolute slammer with a melodic heart. It's a peak-time moment-maker. 

‘Surface Tension’ will be released on 3rd June. Pre-order it here