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Premiere: Krystal Klear ‘Neutron Dance (Fango Remix)’

Krystal Klear’s 2018 festival staple ‘Neutron Dance’ gets the remix treatment from Gerd Janson, Mano Le Tough, Paul Woolford and Fango. Fango’s rework is a triumphant drum and synth arpeggio workout...

Krystal Klear’s ‘Neutron Dance’ has, without any shadow of a doubt, been one of the biggest tracks of the year. A ubiquitous festival staple with an uplifting melodic hook, if you haven’t heard it... Where the heck have you been hiding?

Originally released on Running Back, the Irish-born, NYC-based producer’s breakthrough hit has now gotten the remix treatment from some suitably esteemed acts, namely Gerd Janson, Mano Le Tough, Paul Woolford and Fango.

Between Running Back founder Janson’s live-band “Birkenstock” version of the track and fellow Irishman Mano Le Tough’s celestial, atmospheric reimagining, it's a pretty versatile selection of takes on an excellent original mix.

Venetian techno agitator Fango (pictured) offers up an urgent, percussive turn of the track, throwing the infectious melody into a blender and turning it into an arpeggiated flurry of synths and rattling drums. Check it out below.

‘Neutron Dance Remixes’ is out this Friday 9th November. Pre-order it here.