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Premiere: Lisa Frank & Rez Ekbatan ‘Whisper’

Washington D.C. DIY party starters ROAM launch their ROAMANCE label focussing on  "unconventional club music, for unconventional spaces"...

Longstanding Washington D.C. DIY party starters ROAM will launch their new label, ROAMANCE, on 2nd April with the release of Lisa Frank & Rez Ekbatan’s ‘Whisper’

Having been running off-the-grid parties in warehouses, garages and even church cathedrals in D.C. since 2013, Lisa Frank’s parties have become vital for the city’s underground. Now, with the launch of a label, the goal is to platform music that is in keeping with the party’s ethos of “is  "unconventional club music, for unconventional spaces".

‘Whisper’ is a collaboration between Lisa Frank and fellow D.C. producer Rez Ekbatan. They describe the tracks as an “homage to the early-mid 1990s club sounds of Miami Bass, Atlanta Bass and Freestyle”. It’s a fitting ode, with enough distinct flare to give it a life of its own, its whispered vocals and buzzsaw bass making for a sharp, gripping listen. Check it out below.

The track comes paired with six killer remixes from Ariel Zetina, Juana, Jasmine Infiniti, Tonal Theory, Outputmessage and Jett Chandon.

Pre-order ‘Whisper’ here.