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Premiere: Lord Of The Isles ‘Geoglyph’

Lord Of The Isles launches new label, Dusk Delay, “inspired by the long summer nights of the northern hemisphere”. Hear the woozy electronic title track from its debut release now

Edinburgh’s Lord Of The Isles will launch his new label, Dusk Delay, this month. 

The label is “inspired by the long summer nights of the northern hemisphere”, and the music released on it will aim to capture the atmosphere of the “Gloamin”: the old Scots word for the time of the evening “when the edges blur and colours become a white pink haze, the possibilities can seem endless”.

Lord Of The Isles’ own ‘Geoglyph’ EP launches the label, setting the tone with five tracks of lush electronics, spanning deep dub techno and ambient soundscapes. The five-track EP was recorded in part using rare vintage synthesisers, with some of the tracks being built out of improvised sessions. You can hear the woozy electronic pulse and feel the sunset glow of the title track below. 

‘Geoglyph’ will be released digitally and on 12” on 26th April. Pre-order it here