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Premiere: MAARA ‘4BOOK (Bored Lord Remix)’

Octo Octa, Bored Lord and more remix Kansas City’s MAARA on UN/TUCK Collective. Hear Bored Lord’s jungle rework of distorted pop cut ‘4BOOK' now

Kansas City-based queer/trans music collective and label UN/TUCK will release a new collection from founder MAARA, aka Mazzy Mann, this week. 

‘MAARA 2​.​5: X MIXES & REMIXES’ comprises three brand new cuts and a string of remixes and alternative versions of MAARA’s previous releases. The collection “explores the capacities of the internet, loneliness, pandemic burnout, and perceived identity”, and features remixes from Octo Octa, Bored Lord, Gag Reflex, Him Hun and Dan Miles, as well as UN/TUCK producers Sister Zo, Floraviolet, CLOSE QRTRS and Stem Cell Uterus. 

Below, you can hear Bored Lord’s remix of ‘4BOOK’, taken from MAARA’s ‘maara2’ EP, released last October via Mother Russia Industries. Like many of MAARA’s tracks, ‘4BOOK’ concerns itself with identity and social media, and the complicated relationships they have with one another. Bored Lord puts a febrile jungle spin on the distorted pop pulse of MAARA’s original, giving it a whole new nervous energy and dancefloor drive. Check it out. 

‘MAARA 2​.​5: X MIXES & REMIXES’ will be released this Friday 14th May. Pre-order it via UN/TUCK's Bandcamp.