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Premiere: Marlon Hoffstadt ‘In My Mind’

Marlon Hoffstadt readies his debut LP ‘Planet Love’, on his own Midnight Themes label. Hear the euphoric progressive house throwback, 'In My Mind' now

Marlon Hoffstadt’s debut album ‘Planet Love’ will be released on 13th March. 

Following his 2019 EPs, ‘Ready for Take Hoff’ and ‘Eurodancers Unite’’, the Savour the Moment head-honcho will release his debut album via his own imprint, Midnight Themes. According to Hoffstadt, ‘Planet Love’ showcases his personal growth from  a place of not taking himself too seriously, to incorporating more personal experiences into his music and evolving his mantra: “Be kind. Be Humble. Take Care. Give Love. Because only love will set you free.”. The album also reflects on Hoffstadt’s growth as an individual by drawing inspiration from an intense period of his life right before the birth of his son. 

‘In My Mind’ is the album’s second track, and showcases Hoffstadt’s ever-growing signature sound, which fuses elements of house, trance, euro dance and more. The track is a nearly eight-minute journey with a distinctive hook, fused with heavy house, disco and progressive elements.  It’s an electrified, emotional throwback to ‘90s progressive trance with infectious synths and a driving beat.

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Pre-order ‘Planet Love’ here and listen to ‘In My Mind’ below.