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Premiere: Mary Lake ‘Magnetic Island’

Or:la’s Céad label taps FAFF, Mary Lake, Supreems and Splash Pattern for a compilation of cosmic club stompers. Hear Mary Lake’s ‘Magnetic Island’ now

Or:la’s Céad label returns this month with its seventh release, ‘MMXXI Inferno’. 

The four-track compilation of cosmic club stompers features cuts from FAFF, Mary Lake, Supreems and Splash Pattern, with all proceeds raised through pre-orders going to Afghan Aid. In keeping with Céad’s impeccable hit rate, the tracks on ‘MMXXI Inferno’ strike a perfect balance between toughness and trippiness; off-kilter electro and techno rhythms gallop and jolt, while sci-fi zaps, sub bass and cyborg vocal chops sizzle and spark for maximum impact.

From the psychedelic opening ambience of London duo FAFF’s ‘Flan’, which gives way to a stuttering breakbeat peak, to the propulsive kick/vocal combo of Copenhagen’s Splash Pattern’s ‘Furnace’, each track here is made to turn heads and shift energies on the dancefloor. 

You can hear Amsterdam producer and DJ Mary Lake’s ‘Magnetic Island’, a rumbling dub techno trip, below. 

‘MMXXI Inferno’ will be released on 27th September. You can pre-order it here.