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Premiere: Morgan Hislop ‘Plasticene Palms On Polymer Arms’

Morgan Hislop’s background in graphic design bursts from every corner of his ‘Watch As My Ceramics Crumble’ EP. ‘Plasticene Palms On Polymer Arms’ is maximal, vibrant and electrifying…

Morgan Hislop will release his new EP ‘Watch As My Ceramics Crumble’ via Moveltraxx on 19th October.

Featuring three original cuts, a remix courtesy of CHAMBRAY and the previously released ‘Bruised Peach’, this EP is a vibrant, multi-coloured, multi-textural trip of forward thinking club music with a resolute dancefloor edge.

The producer – who has previously released on Astro Nautico and Activia Benz – seems to channel his work as a graphic designer in this EP, crafting a sonic palette that is immensely colourful and at times explosive. Think SOPHIE’s maximal production on ‘Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides’ or Barker’s stunning, beatless melodic flair on his recent Ostgut Ton EP, ‘Debiasing’.

‘Plasticene Palms On Polymer Arms’ is testament to that with its sharp synth stabs, quick vocal jolts and jagged house beat. Check it out below.

Pre-order ‘Watch As My Ceramics Crumble’ here or pre-save on Spotify here.