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Premiere: NET GALA ‘Dodomzit (A Radical, Cynical Tool)’

Seoul’s NET GALA debuts on SVBKVLT with the theatrical ‘신파 SHINPA’ EP. Hear the maximal electronics and raging percussion of ‘Dodomzit (A Radical, Cynical Tool)’

NET GALA will make their debut on Shangai’s SVBKVLT this month ‘신파 SHINPA’ EP.

The Seoul-based artist, who is a regular DJ in the city’s Cakeshop club and member of the Shade Seoul LGTBTQ+ collective, follows their appearance on SVBKVLT's 'Cache 02' compilation with five new cuts of experimental club music inspired by their research into traditional Shinpageuk (신파극) theatre.

Drawing influence from the dramatic nature of Shinpa – which, the EP’s press release states, is now a synonymous term for “tears and overwhelming emotions”– NET GALA creates a maximal soundscape of febrile rhythms, hardocre rave stabs and retro melodies. ‘신파 SHINPA’ also features remixess from Amazondotcom, ZULI and Menzi.

Below, you can hear ‘Dodomzit (A Radical, Cynical Tool)’, the EP’s ferocious penultimate track, which blends raging percussive and searing distortion with the sound of a Korean lesbian protester. 

‘신파 SHINPA’ will be released on 25th June. You can pre-order it here

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