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Premiere: No Nation & Sheba Q ‘Seasonal Grief’

Next-gen junglists No Nation & Sheba Q make their debut on Diffrent music with a collaborative two-tracker. Hear the cosmic jazz atmosphere and delicate drum play on ‘Seasonal Grief’ now

London’s Diffrent Music will release a new EP from next-gen junglists No Nation & Sheba Q this month.

Marking the return of the label’s GiraffeStep release series for up-and-coming artists, London’s No Nation and Sheba Q’s continue their rapid ascent with this killer two-tracker of subtle beat science and intergalactic atmosphere: ‘Seasonal Grief / Mother Of Mars’.

The duo, who first met a decade ago while studying engineering at Queen Mary University, bonded over a shared love of soul, R&B and hip-hop. In 2020, they joined forces on the track, ‘Too Late’, a propulsive jungle cut that took aim at the cultural whitewashing of the scene. 

On ‘Seasonal Grief / Mother Of Mars’, the atmosphere is sombre and cosmic. The coarse drumfunk beats on ‘Mother Of Mars’ spark and detonate in all directions, reigned in by low, growling bass and ghostly vocals. ‘Seasonal Grief’ is a trip into delicate drumplay and dreamlike jazz hypnotism, bathed in nocturnal brass and mournful keys. Check the latter out below. 

‘Seasonal Grief / Mother Of Mars’ is out next Friday 26th February. Pre-order it here.