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Premiere: Numbertheory ‘Horrible (Cnámha Remix)’

Numbertheory’s debut EP, ‘Horrible’, fuses techno, noise and black metal. Hear the 165 bpm techno fury of Cnámha’s title track rework now 


Beijing-based producer Numbertheory will release his debut EP, ‘Horrible’, via Cork’s SESH FM this Friday 29th November. 

Inspired by his teenage love for extreme metal, as well as trips to London to visit Evian Christ’s Trance Party and NKC’s Even The Strong hard drum parties, the two original cuts on ‘Horrible’ fuse elements of noise, techno and ambient with harsh metal tropes. 

The title track is irresistibly harrowing, featuring eerie, grumbling vocals from Mark O’Coughlan on top of an ensnaring percussive beat. ‘Something Has Been Here (feat. Jake O’Driscoll)’ calls the likes of E-Saggila and Pharmakon to mind, with a brutal, uneasy rhythm propelling an intense black metal vocal lead. 

Experimental producer Cnámha provides and additional remix of the title track, flipping the original into a frenzied, 165 bpm techno stormer. Check it out below. 

Pre-order 'Horrible' here.