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Premiere: Ovid ‘Descent’

Washington DC’s Ovid returns to Flood with five colourful drum workouts. Hear ‘Descent’ now

Ovid returns to Cork label Flood this month with the ‘Stone Coaster’ EP.

Following his 2020 debut on the label, ‘Dustbringer’, the Washington DC-based producer ramps up the drama with five percussive club workouts; lush melodies and swooping sonic details weave their way through Ovid’s dynamic drums throughout. The EP features a collaboration between Ovid and Flood co-founders Doubt and Tension, while Tokyo’s Akito delivers a hefty remix of ‘Descent’. 

Below, you can hear ‘Descent’ in its bracing original form, with thunderous drums set against soft, otherworldly keys. It’s pure boss-fight material.  

‘Stone Coaster’ will be released on 7th January. Pre-order it here