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Premiere: PANG ‘PANG PANG’


Intense, experimental techno from Berlins' oqko platform...


Berlin-based experimental audio-visual platform oqko will release the debut outing from PANG™ this Friday 5th of April.

The release – with track titles as apt as ‘PANG PANG PANG’ and ‘PANG PANG PANG PANG PANG PANG’ etc – is comprised of six cuts of haywire experimental techno and hi-def electronics. And that’s basically all we know.

The platform has also released EP’s from the likes of Romain Iannone and smog, with sounds ranging from lush, cinematic ambience to guttural, cavernous bass.

You can hear the opening track from ‘PANG’ below.

Pre-order ‘PANG’.