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Premiere: Paraadiso ‘Aerial Dome’

TSVI and Seven Orbits come together as Paraadiso for a new album on SVBKVLT. Hear the blazing melodies and dizzying beats of ‘Aerial Dome’ now

Nervous Horizon co-founder TSVI and audio-visual artist Seven Orbits have teamed up to release a new album on Shanghai’s SVBKVLT. 

Released under the Paraadiso moniker, ‘Unison’ is inspired by “Italian folk music, noise, ancient choral acoustic compositions, rituals and their functions”. In their attempts to channel the heightened consciousness and collective physicality of ancient communal rituals, the duo sculpt 10 tracks of synapse-snapping electronics; the album flits freely from blissful abstract trance into fractured rhythm experiments, sometimes within the tracks themselves. 

‘Aerial Dome’ is one such track. Euphoric synths blaze around a dizzying, disjointed beat, colliding at points for moments of sheer distorted intensity. You can hear the track below.

Paraadiso’s ‘Union’ will be released on 30th July. You can pre-order it here.