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Premiere: Roza Terenzi ‘Electronique’

Roza Terenzi, D. Tiffany and Jayda G are first up on Berlin party Oscillate’s new label, Oscillate Tracks. Terenzi’s  ‘Electronique’ is a slice of wavy, bionic electro with a sophisticated sci-fi twist…

Revered Berlin party series Oscillate have launched their new label, Oscillate Tracks.

First up on the imprint are two DJs and producers who have been fast-emerging in the underground circuit over the past year, Roza Terenzi and D. Tiffany. The Australian and Canadian are also joined by the inimitable Jayda G, who remixes Tiffany’s glitchy, cavernous breakbeat cut ‘Spirit Alien’.

Terenzi, who was featured as one of our artists you needed to hear back in June, opens the EP up with ‘Electronique’. Fast becoming known for electro-singed house painted with dusty melodies and heady breaks, Terenzi’s sound is a vivid one that conjures images of rusty spaceships rattling through alien landscapes as readily as it does dimly lit dancefloors. Her tracks are cinematic, but never in a pompous, navel-gazing way.

‘Electronique’ is wavy and hypnotic and finds Terenzi leaning further into the electro side of her tastes with bleeping bass grooves and ambient melodic swells weaving around a heady beat fit for a dystopian disco.

‘OSCT001’ is out on Friday 23rd November. Pre-order it here

You can hear clips from the rest of the EP on Oscillate's soundcloud.