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Premiere: Roza Terenzi ‘Modern Bliss feat. Ivy Barkakati'

Roza Terenzi will release her debut album ‘Modern Bliss’ next week on Planet Euphorique. Hear the bright, hypnotic mantra and tough house groove of the title track now

Roza Terenzi will release her debut album ‘Modern Bliss’ next Friday (24th April) on D.Tiffany’s Planet Euphorique label.

The nine-track album is the Australian DJ and producer’s third outing on the label, having featured on its debut release in 2018 alongside D.Tiffany under her DJ Zozi alias. Just last month, Terenzi, D.Tiffany and Vani-T collaborated on a new live EP on the label under the name Quarantinas.

‘Modern Bliss’ is an appropriately titled excursion through hypnotic prog house, sci-fi electronics and lush breaks. The album features two collaborations, with closing track ‘My Reality Cheque Bounced’ finding D.Tfifany returning as DJ Zozi. The title track features vocals from Barcelona-based artist Ivy Barkakati, who brings a mesmerising mantra to the cut’s technicolor atmosphere. Check it out below. 

Pre-order 'Modern Bliss' here