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Eoin Murray
31 January 2022, 14:35

Premiere: Sara Dziri ‘Fille De Racaille’

Sara Dziri fuses plucked North African strings with wavy techno on her Optimo Music Digital Danceforce debut, ‘Fille De Racaille’

Premiere: Sara Dziri ‘Fille De Racaille’

Sara Dziri will release her debut single for Optimo Music Digital Danceforce, ‘Fille De Racaille’, this week. Have an exclusive first listen below. 

It’s the first single to be shared from the Belgian-Tunisian producer and DJ’s debut album, ‘Close To Home’, which is set for release in March. On ‘Fille De Racaille’, Dziri weaves plucked samples of the qanun, a stringed instrument heard frequently in North African music, into a wavy techno foundation. 

The title, ‘Fille De Racaille’, refers to the prejudice and racism that Dziri faced as a “child of an outcast” growing up in Western Europe. It’s a theme that is explored in a variety of ways throughout ‘Close To Home’, from anger at injustice expressed as thunderous techno, to more introspective examinations of belonging. This album is a personal one that packs a punch on a number of levels.

Listen to ‘Fille De Racaille’ ahead of its full release this Friday 4th February below. You’ll be able to buy the track through Optimo Music ​​Digital Danceforce’s Bandcamp