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Premiere: SHE Spells Doom ‘Earthly Pleasures’

Lusaka, Zambia’s SHE Spells Doom is up next on All Centre with the ‘Rudnick’ EP. Hear ‘Earthly Pleasures’ now

SHE Spells Doom will release his new EP, ‘Rudnick’, via All Centre in August. 

The three-track EP follows the Lusaka, Zambia producer and DJ’s appearance on the label’s second anniversary compilation last year, and is named after the antagonist in the 1981 animated sci-fi film, Heavy Metal. 

The subtle influence of ‘80s sci-fi and horror (a result of his parents running a video rental store when he was a kid) is just one ingredient in the melting pot of SHE Spells Doom’s sound, which he has developed patiently over the course of the past decade. The hefty gloss of ‘00s hip-hop and the percussive energy of various strands of African dance music work their way into his productions, which have appeared on labels such as New York’s Creme and Sweat Equity, London’s NEVER DECAY and France’s Monstart. These lifelong influences are woven through a tapestry of house and techno (which he grew to love while living in Geneva), culminating in a hyperkinetic style that blends buoyant melodies with hard-hitting beats. 

It’s a sound that’s captured perfectly on ‘Rudnick’, from the frosty melodies of its title track to the crunchy, syncopated rhythm of ‘Jet Black’. Below, you can hear the EP’s closer, ‘Earthly Pleasures’, a thunderous cut made to be heard on a club system. Its galloping rhythm accents an elastic bassline, while animated sirens swoop in and out of the mix like a call to the dancefloor. 

‘Rudnick’ will be released on 13th August. You’ll be able to buy it on All Centre’s Bandcamp