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Premiere: Talik ‘Don't Look Else You'll See’

Talik sculpts celestial broken techno jams at slower tempos on her ‘Let It Break’ EP for Intercept. Hear ‘Don't Look Else You'll See’ now

Talik returns to Dutch label Intercept this week with her second EP of the year, ‘Let It Break’. Hear the opening track, ‘Don’t Look Else You’ll See’, below. 

Following her ‘Cold Silver’ EP for the label back in April, and appearances on compilations for Martyn’s 3024 and Pressure Dome, the UK artist delivers four more tracks of celestial broken techno. Slower tempos, rib-shaking sub bass and expansive, shimmering synthscapes slot this EP into the contemporary UK techno stratosphere, but give it a distinct personality – each track here is a standout in its own right.

2021 has seen Talik develop her creative identity: from the cosmic synths of ‘Don't Look Else You'll See’ and the propulsive, off-kilter beat of the title track to the spectral arpeggiated depths of ‘Dust Masks The Silence’ and fluttering ambience of ‘When An Iris Blooms’, this EP is another statement of intent from a fast-rising artist. 

‘Let It Break’ will be released on 8th October. Pre-order it here