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Premiere: Tommy Holohan ‘Trancegression’

Tommy Holohan steps up on Haven Records with Vol.2 of his ‘Skull Crushing Techniques’ EP series. Hear the glimmering, full-throttle techno/trance crossover of ‘Trancegression’ now

Irish techno trailblazer Tommy Holohan will release his new EP, ‘Skull Crushing Techniques Vol.2’ via Berlin label Haven this Friday 22nd November. 

Following the first volume of the two-part EP series in 2018, ‘Skull Crushing Techniques Vol.2’ is another five-track offering of full-throttle techno, rave revivalism and jungle breaks. This time round, however, the producer introduces some more delicate sounds into the mix, with hazy melodies and even an ambient track appearing on the EP.

From the thunderous techno of ‘Unedeuxtrois’ and Father Ted-referencing jungle cut, ‘Father’, it’s a storming collection. The aptly named ‘Trancegression’ is dizzyingly fast-paced and merciless in its first half, before dropping into glimmering, melodic territory, bordering on vintage trance, in its second. Check it out below.

Pre-order ‘Skull Crushing Techniques Vol.2’ here.