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Premiere: Tristan Arp ‘Double Exposure’

Tristan Arp readies a selection of off-kilter beats on his forthcoming ‘Plexi’ EP on Human Pitch. ‘Double Exposure’ is gritty, rich and warped like a mutant Four Tet cut…

New York’s Tristan Arp will release his ‘Plexi’ EP via Human Pitch on 26th October.

Following the release of his luxurious and vivid ‘Pipeline’ EP on the label in May – including a rubbery club rework by Machine Woman – the producer and sound designer will release his new four-track EP this month and, typically, it’s yet another collection of expertly woven experimental electronics.

Like dipping in and out of a trip on the dancefloor, ‘Plexi’ veers from deep, percussive garage and techno grooves to scrambled abstraction and back again. Deranged, playful and funky, it’s an EP that feels like falling around a bouncy castle – probably delightfully drunk.

‘Double Exposure’ opens proceedings with a beat that sounds Four Tet from the bottom of a well. Distorted, loose and heavy, it’s a perfectly weird intro to a perfectly weird EP. Check it out below.

Pre-order ‘Plexi’ here.

Photo credit: Landon Speers