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Premiere: VTSS ‘Linked’

Warsaw’s VTSS is first up on SPFDJ’s new Intrepid Skin label with the ruthless ‘Self Will’ EP. Opening track, ‘Linked’ is jagged and unforgiving – pure, unrefined techno...

2018 breakthrough DJ/producer SPFDJ launches her Intrepid Skin label with a ferocious four-track EP from fellow techno upstart, Warsaw’s VTSS.

VTSS is a resident at Warsaw’s infamous Brutaz party and is, like SPFDJ, fast becoming known for her incendiary and acerbic sets of raw techno, brutal EBM and enveloping noise. Now, on her debut release, VTSS draws from each of those sonic palettes, delivering a selection that is as grisley and physical as Lina. E. A. Jonsson cover art may suggest, but which never faces the pitfall of losing control of its own intensity.

The title track, for instance, has a kick/bass combo that feels as though it’s on the verge of bursting through the speaker and swallowing the listener whole, but instead it maintains its vicious velocity, allowing its noisy, percussive layers to build around it like a morbid fireworks display.

‘Fruition’, meanwhile, closes the EP off on a high with whirlwind EBM flare and rapturous rhythm. Imagine experiencing this track on a massive soundsystem on a dark dancefloor and try not to leap out of your seat. 

Back to the beginning, ‘Linked’ – which you can hear below – starts the EP as it means to continue with a harrowing beat and swerving, discordant melodic pattern.

Pre-order ‘Self Will’ here.