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Premire: DJ Girl ‘The Runaround’

Chicago’s DJ Girl is up next on Planet Euphorique with the ‘Slsk Trax’ EP. Hear the growling techno psychedelia of ‘The Runaround’ now

Chicago’s DJ Girl will release her new EP, ‘Slsk Trax’ via Planet Euphorique next month. 

Making her debut on D.Tiffany’s extra-terrestrial house and techno label, DJ Girl delivers four tough cuts of rabid percussion, rumbling bass and smoked-out electronic swirls. From the searing peak-time techno hysteria of the A-side, to the galloping drum workouts on the B-side,  ‘Slsk Trax’ is a full-throttle recipe for rave ecstasy. 

‘The Runaround’ is a growling, psychedelic techno roller with an low, industrial bass line and raucous percussive groove. Check it out below. 

‘Slsk Trax’ will be released on 8th February. Pre-order it here.