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Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 599

Len Faki

Dustin Zahn

Stranger (To Stability) (Len Faki X Break Mix)


That undeniable techno “realness” has made this beat a seriously voguish head turner. It’s becoming apparent that the raw power of a solid breakbeat is often exactly what’s needed to drag the black T-shirt crowd into deeper late night waters, and this curve-ball remix from the legendary Berlin techno don Len Faki is a perfect example of that. This tune is pure warehouse gold that’ll bring a serious heads-down, elbows-up vibe to your party. A driving kick-snare beat cuts through a tasteful bank of FX with devastating effect, leaving trancey pads and hoover lead lines to send you over the edge. Banger.




Easily at home in an Aphex Twin set, this wayward journey through the analogue bubblebath will certainly have the mod nerds nodding their heads in approval. Thick under-processed kicks keep this one grounded, accompanied by finely bit-crushed drums, off-kilter acid sfx and chilling minor key leads/pads. There’s something quite menacing about this beat — sounds like Nightmare On Elm Street in the year 3000.

My Nu Leng

'Echoes feat. Takura'

Maraki Records

With notoriety often comes compliancy, but it’s glaringly apparent after hearing Leng's new 'Alter' EP that they’re still gung-ho about pushing their sound in all manner of dope directions. 'Echoes' is an otherworldly mix mash of soaring Reese basses, fierce mid-tempo Amens, ravey stabs and wistful vocals from the Zimbabwean powerhouse they call Takura. This one boasts the sort of peak-time grit that’ll have eyes rolling well into the early hours.

Denham Audio & Juma

'Ego Check (Proletariat Base Remix) '

Durkle Disco

This cheeky little earworm has been on repeat in both my head and my house for way too long. A mulchy swamp of deep bass grooves and Afro perc loops play the perfect backdrop to some hooky bars and quips from Bristol legend MC Juma. The spacey canvas of sounds used here suggests this one’s fine-tuned to thrive in the darkest rooms on the biggest soundsystems. Another winner from Durkle.

Connor Byrne

'Fierce Deity'

Kouncil Cuts

I hadn’t realised how much I needed this sound in my life until I heard this barn-storming new acid breaks tune from the mysterious Connor Byrne. With the tempo cranked up to 140, beats like this favour sheer mid-range audacity over low-end energy, but still manage to give your soundsystem a good thrashing thanks to some rather tenacious programming. One of many killer tunes on the new 'Homegrown EP' from Kouncil Cuts.

Stretch & Vern

'Get Up, Go Insane (Plump DJs Remix) '

London Records

I’ve been banging Stretch & Vern beats since the '90s, but it’s got to be a decade since they were last in my record box with new music. With that in mind, I was HYPED to see them back, and with a remix from the mighty Plumps no less. This really is one of the dopest ‘get-hype’ jams of the year. A gluttonous, sub-flexing monster that’ll have ravers swinging from the rafters.

Hybrid Theory & Nu Era

'Insta Bitches'

Punks Music

With its feet planted firmly in the Jersey Club department, this spanking new low-slung woppa from Hybrid Theory & Nu Era will undoubtedly be owning dancefloors across both sides of the pond. Spritely squeaks and bleeps run riot over thumping kicks and shimmering perc loops, while Slamboree’s ultra-diva Kathika injects just the right amount of vocal attitude to set this one off in the clubs.



Typeless Records

With this level of production and hype, it blows my mind that Typeless are giving this away for free. Part of their 'Phalanx Pt. 2 EP', this one sits alongside a serious lineup of the epic techno-breaks that are taking over the underground. 'XTX3' is a fiery trip down acid alley, which oozes an inimitable slickness that’ll have nine out of 10 producers wanting to torch their studio computers.