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Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 587

Volac & Proxy

Supa Low

This Ain't Bristol

Russia’s most polarising bass acts Volac and Proxy have teamed up, and it sounds awesome. These guys have a well-storied history of producing some of the more charismatic bass music out there today, so this combination is a perfect fit for the world’s premier ‘good vibes house’ label This Ain’t Bristol. Stripped 808 bass is the theme of the day here: a bouncing kick is ushered along by sci-fi FX and an instantly recognisable, mesmeric vocal that’s sure to keep this tune in people's record bags for the foreseeable future.

Kelly Dean

'Childs Play'

Manuka Records

The deeper side of breakbeat is undoubtedly the breakthrough sound of the moment. These pockets of activity always bring dope new labels, and Manuka Records from scene heavyweight Hypho is a welcome addition to the scene. Straight off the bat, Manuka offers up a seriously weighty EP, offering four abyssal deep jams, with 'Childs Play' from California resident Kelly Dean being our favourite. A chilling piano riff keeps you on tenterhooks, while the delicate bank of atmospherics and dystopian basses carry you off to another place. It's a cinematic dream that John Carpenter himself would get down to.



95 Recordings

Coining a sonic identity is the plight of the modern artist, but this jam is unmistakably a NYTA record, and everyone knows it. A tastefully stripped, subtly programmed drum track and dissonant FX provide way more drive than they should do. 'DRNS' feels sparse and airy, yet somehow finds a way to slap you in the face over and over. It’s a simple formula you wish you’d thought of, and one that’s sure to serve him well for years so come. This signature palette of understated sounds has never sounded so good.

Barely Royal

'Escape The Feeling feat Prima'


Barely Royal has been carving out quite the empire for himself over the last 12 months. His crazy tune output this year will not have gone unnoticed by fans, as news feeds have been relentlessly packed with his righteous beats all summer. To wrap up 2018 in style, we’re treated to one last hurrah with 'Escape The Feeling'. There’s plenty of good vibes to be had here — the delicate vocal from emerging Manchester singer Prima is complemented by some charming guitar licks and traditional breakbeats, before the track drops out into one of BR’s signature brutish sub bass workouts.


'Inner Fire'


This tune from Spanish producer Nosk feels as if it could actually cut your head off in the rave. Perfectly EQed drums and some trancey pad work keep you strapped in relative safety, while a whiplash inducing Reese bass drags you through the dirt. So much fire on 83 Records this year. Love it.

Elite Force

'Mojosa '


After a five-year hiatus, we were overjoyed to see an email from Elite Force’s legendary imprint U&A Records in our inbox this morning. Shack announces his return to the broken beat realm with 'Mojosa', a sonically up-to-date take on the mid-naughties sound that he’s loved for. Welcome back.


'Montana feat Dread MC'


So gassed on this new beat from Bushbaby. Productions from the up-and-coming Brighton artisan have recently been largely four-four, but this new project with Dread MC is a completely different beast. Built around a huge, clobbering kick pattern, 'Montana' is laced with complex perc grooves that ride a wave of sub bass and menacing vox. Dread's pitched vocals throughout are a really nice touch, tastefully pulling in fresh harmonies to complement the overall timbre, and the Tony Montana bars feel just right. Both artists have pushed their sound into new territory here.

Le Duke



The mysterious chart topping antihero Le Duke swaggered onto the scene last year, and he’s been shamelessly dropping bombs on us all ever since. His latest record on the unstoppable Spanish label 83 Recordings might be the jewel in his crown in 2018. Channeling those '90s rave era vibes and dropping them straight into the modern day with a futuristic Reese bass house feel, this is a goosebump producing leviathan that proudly stands with both middle fingers pointed at all of its competitors. Potential ‘tune of the night’, every night.