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Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 591



All Nighter

Trippy Ass Technologies

E.R.N.E.S.T.O’s new 'Mueve' EP is simply crawling with rave potential. Wall to wall fire means that it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite, but the epic, acid riddled, sub flexing 808 workout that is 'All Nighter' gets me every time. I’ve had these tunes on repeat for days now. Subtle yet paradoxically huge, the intricate programming and analogue-feels bring fresh waves of enjoyment with each and every listen. This sound is undeniably fat, and feels like it could be a mainstay for 2019. Trippy Ass Technologies is bringing the ruckus in 2019.


'Big Love (Wes Smith Remix)'

Slam Inc

Records like this keep us going during these colder times. The lords of lunacy, Slamboree (recently branded by the BBC as the “World's greatest festival band”) are finally following up their amazing album, with some DJ friendly edits for 2019. This fresh spin on 'Big Love' from Wes Smith proves again that he is far more than a fine set of sideburns. Riddled with tight drum breaks, hounding bass and only the biggest carnival vibes, this booty-shaking festival anthem will telepathically transport you directly to Shangri La.

Justin Martin & Ardalan

'Hail Mary'

Trippy Ass Technologies

These winter months seem to have ushered in a new wave of broken beat music that you just can’t help but tap your toes to. Justin Martin and Ardalan are the latest set of unlikely bedfellows to adopt a piece of this sound, and my word, don’t they deliver. 'Hail Mary' is a flashback to the more experimental sounds of the early noughties; stripped and moderately simple drums ride over a tasteful selection of FX and cinematic vox. I’m confident that this splendid early hours treat will be pleasing to the palette of any critics.


'Lasers & Stuff'


Neuro fans, prepare to be blown away by this weighty slab of metallic funk, with all the calling cards of a twisted, robotic beast, sent from the sci-fi future to wreak revenge on all us puny humans. As the monster chases, the beat pounds with a ferocious, relentless forward motion. Showers of lasers shoot with perfect timing and precision, and the sub works as a rumbling growl, bringing an even stronger personality to the track.




It’s dope to see the man they call Fish becoming one of the most celebrated artists coming out of our beloved Bristol city this year. Placing this with one of the UK’s absolute OGs, Zinc, is a testament to the fact that the people are listening. 'Lies' is an absolute banger. It’s an anthemic, four-four wonk fest that encourages serious amounts of head nodding, largely due to its wonderfully oddball bassline. Really enjoying the vocal on this jam, it’s exactly what was needed to make this record stand out from the pack.


'Mugu feat Magugu (Killjoy Remix)'


I completely forgot that I’d been sent this record, so I guess I didn’t realise its brilliance on the first listen. However, on a long drive last week, 'Mugu' popped up in my playlist, and a spontaneous 'Harlem Shake' rave broke out in the car. This tune is unique, and crammed with infectious dancefloor vibes. The dubby bank of sounds happily plays second fiddle to an absolutely classic vocal hook from Magugu. This release brings beaming smiles and inspires convulsing body moments from head to toe.



Punks Music

I’ve been thoroughly digging all Foundry beats since I heard them for the first time in 2018. Their uncompromisingly progressive approach to drum programming gets me in the mood to party every single time. 'PAPA' is their debut release with Stanton Warriors' label Punks Music, and this tune is a perfect fit. A banging selection of raw perc hits and deep 808 basses act as a perfect backdrop, allowing the rude ghetto vocals to snap in and out of the groove. Can see this doing some real damage in the festival fields this summer.

Shift K3y & Taiki Nulight


Night Bass

Two of the UK’s most prolific beatsmiths, Shift K3y and Taiki Nulight, have delivered an absolute stinker of a tune (obviously) with this spanking new collab. Coming via their home label Night Bass, this jam is guaranteed to be hitting all the right ears. Impeccably processed breakbeats cut through a layer of quirky call and response vocal snatches and fierce low-end energy. This beat is cool and deadly in equal measure, can’t wait to hear it dropped in the rave.

Fake Blood

'The Fear'


The hype levels always hit eleven when I see a Fake Blood promo in my inbox. He’s been holding it down as a bulwark for the heads of the scene for over a decade, and his ability to drop genre spanning fire appears to have no bounds. The drums here are pure dopeness: stripped, tastefully processed and teeming with life. A minimal number of descending bass sounds bounce off raw Reeses, and somehow, the rest of the energy is drawn from a basic clutch of FX and atmospherics. True heavyweight beats from the best in the game.