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Singles - Disco - Issue 590


Sound Test EP

Phantasy Sound

The duo are back, pushing the boundaries of new wave/rave a little further again for Phantasy Sound. The allure of primitive-sounding drum machines clicking over bursts of curdled synthesiser hooks (alongside some sharp production trickery), is proving again that the Red Axes boys are still miles ahead in the field. Highlights include the stuttering EBM pulse of ‘Shabak Shalom’ and the unstable hi-NRG of ‘Kookoo Papa’, all getting hammered by Call Super, Jennifer Cardini, Ewan Pearson, Fort Romeau, Massimiliano Pagliara and Chloe.

Jenia Tarsol & Jinga feat. David Cantan

'Back To Life (Remixes)'

Blue Shadow

A new label venture from Israeli producers Chaim and Jenia Tarsol, which hosts this authentic no-wave/post-punk chugger with Jinga, and the David Byrne-esque vocals of David Cantan. Moscoman features with a remix that smudges the vocal into dub territory, and makes full use of a Mariachi-style muted trumpet. Label head Chaim, meanwhile, reduces the groove to a strobe-like throb, as Swedish duo Bamboo jam the box with their acid mix. Fun.


'Beyond The Infinite/Encounters'

Array Recordings

Russian retro-futurist musician Alexander Jarre (ironically) cracks the '80s kosmiche formula with this lush, dreamy (and very authentic) electronic club release, that nods to Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter and Alexander Robotnick all in one go. Cascading arps glisten over pneumatic drum sequences on the lead tune, ‘Beyond The Infinite’, while a deadpan vocal seductively lists the signs of the zodiac on the Italo-inspired B-side, ‘Encounters’. Feel the drama.

Passarella Death Squad

'In Heaven (iViolet and Norman Nodge Remixes)'


After a dalliance with Perc back in 2016 on the excellent (and now ridiculously sought-after 12”) ‘Temperature Rising’, Danny Passarella gets the band back together for a cold wave follow-up, ‘In Heaven’, with two excellent remixes. Berghain resident Norman Nodge makes a warehouse-friendly techno fix of the track, while Naive Records boss and rising talent Violet adds some fierce, marching drums into her stunning production. Essential.


'Repetition (Rusty Egan Electro Mixes)'

Loki Records

Brand new material from cult synth-pop/cold wave group B-Movie, who established themselves in 1980 with the classic John Peel endorsed singles ‘Remembrance Day’ and ‘Nowhere Girl’. Following sporadic releases throughout the '90s and '00s, the band release the jangly, melancholic post-punk number ‘Repetition’, with strong, club-friendly mixes from legendary producer and New Romantic Rusty Egan. Tastefully executed, both of Egan’s remixes will keep new wave’s modern and revival floors bustling for some time to come.


'The Depths Of Haze'

Hard Fist

A post-punk/EBM single laced with exotic melody, braced by two killer remixes from Khidja and Lokier, Hard Fist welcomes this strong new release from Glaswegian producer Mr TC. His output may be anything but prolific, but over the four releases to his name, the quality has yet to falter, with essential singles for Optimo to Neubau. Check the spiralling Balearic mood of 'Gay Haze' (complete with Khidja remix) next to the haunting, hypnotic pulse of ‘Depth Gauge’, accompanied by a superb Lokier remix.

DJ Rocca

'The Pasta EP'

Wonder Stories

The occasional Baldelli collaborator creates more seismic movements in the nu-disco scene with this killer release for Aimes’ Wonder Stories label. ‘The Pasta EP’ shapes up with fun, playful energy, drawing upon old school US and Italian house music labels such as Nu Groove and Irma as clear influences. Shaking things up a little more is a brilliantly excessive remix from Sex Tags co-founder DJ Fett Burger, who adds elements of dub and breakbeat into his oddball production.

Giovanni Damico

'The Sounds Of Revolution'

Lumberjacks In Hell

The prolific Italian producer returns to Marcel Vogel’s ace Lumberjacks In Hell with another EP of inspired nu disco and boogie tracks. Adopting sole performer and producer roles, Damico’s slick, four-track creation focuses on the more ‘pop’ end of the genre, with a vocal delivery floating over catchy hooks. An interesting direction for the label (previously known for its edits and tracky house hits), that makes its first steps into the more commercial realm. Ace.