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Singles - Disco - Issue 527

Ali Renault



New wave/electronic disco sentinel, Ali Renault, makes it release number four for his supercool Vivod label, and this double-header is nothing short of being absolutely heroic. Not as hard-nosed as his previous release for Unknown To The Unknown as Cestrian, these two tracks, with their racing arpeggios and crisp analogue kicks, ooze classy Italo-style sophistication without being too polished or squeaky clean. Absolutely essential purchase!


'Abyssal Ep'


Gesaffelstein and The Hacker ramp up proceedings for this new release on their label, Zone. Following a single for Boys Noize last year, French producer Djedjotronic, aka Jeremy Cottereau, drops three cuts that span the spheres of icy cold minimal synth/electro that nods to Drexciya/Der Zyklus, to robust, noir-ish EBM and the rogue end of primitive techno.

Route 8/Dorylus



This quality consistent, vinyl-only label, have, since last year, eked out their catalogue with strong releases from the likes of Mark E, and aided by the likes of Neville Watson and Vakula. Release number six is a split single from Hungarian producer Route 8 and the mysterious Dorylus. Three first-rate tracks, the majority by Route 8, mould primitive, proto- house nuances that nod to the deep, panoramic house style of early Larry Heard.

RAC feat Kele & MNDR

'Let Go (Krystal Klear Remix)'

Virgin EMI

Krystal Klear goes for it and weighs in a monster, '80s boogie- inspired dynamic over the syrupy slo-mo pop of RAC's original. The instrumental version, with its growling bassline, is the necessary choice here; filtering and chopping the vocals to a snappy rhythm and the silkiest keys lures the dancers into the most infectiously funked-up swing. To accompany, Sir Sly's remix flips the mood into a delirious, avant R&B dream.



Emotional Response

The not-so-prolific Musiccargo feature (after a four-year-long break) on Emotional Response with this stunning EP. This limited, vinyl-only release sees the duo, Gerhard Michel and Gordon Pohl, faithfully recreating the sound of humming wires and the hypnotic motorik synonymous with their musically historical home, Dusseldorf; namely the motorik style led by the likes of Neu!, La Dusseldorf, Cluster and Harmonia-and they're even coining it "adult kraut".


'Part Time Lovers (Remixes)'

MB Disco

Big ol' remix package on Martin Brodin's Sweden-based imprint, with the likes of Iron Curtis, Acid Washed, Peter Visti and more flexing their production savvy. Switching between EBM, proto-house, Italo revival and new-wave, highlights here come from the above; especially Iron Curtis' luxurious Euro-disco pastiche and Visti's wandering, Balearic fantasy. A solid release with plenty to choose from.

Nadia Ksaiba

'Virtual Lover'

Phantasy Sound

Going solo for a release on Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound label, Nadia Ksaiba whips up this snappy, noir-ish disco/ proto-house fix, 'Virtual Lover'. Sounding like Nite Jewel with a touch of Grace Jones' audacity, Ksaiba's vocal delivery is direct and very sassy, working perfectly with the illuminated, neon disco fx. Topping things off, Jimmy Edgar makes a surprise remix appearance, sharpening the original into a raw Chicago house-style jam. Killer release.